By Harriet Lamb. It’s a movement built on cups of tea and homemade crumbly cookies; the biscuits were even raised once as Any Other Business. Under the Government’s Community Sponsorship scheme, you take responsibility for enabling a vulnerable refugee family to come to Britain. Being part of our community group, Herne Hill Welcomes Refugees, has probably been the best thing I’ve done recently. But that doesn’t mean there are not dilemmas – indeed, as with anything worthwhile, we are... continue reading (9 min)


We had a brilliant day yesterday, attending the launch of the University of Birmingham’s research into Community Sponsorship, which is now available on their website. We also hosted the first annual Community Sponsorship Assembly, and Group members who were eligible voted for the inaugural members of the Community Sponsorship Council. The events gave us an excellent opportunity to meet Group members, our partners and those involved in recognising and growing Community Sponsorship in... continue reading (5 min)


Reset is launching a series of workshops to help Community Sponsorship Groups build momentum and speed through the Home Office application process. Our workshops will offer tailored advice to break down barriers as well as offer strategies for writing high quality applications, because the work a Group puts into researching services in their area and deciding their approach to supporting a family will have lasting effects on the refugees who they welcome and on their community as a whole. We... continue reading (3 min)


At Reset we welcome the Home Office’s post-2020 announcement, the continued commitment to resettlement, and in particular the move to make the numbers of refugees resettled via Community Sponsorship above and beyond those resettled through the government's new global scheme. The implications of the announcement for the Community Sponsorship scheme are outlined in more detail below. The development to the Community Sponsorship scheme would not have been possible without the... continue reading (3 min)


This summer, Reset is calling the UK’s first annual UK Community Sponsorship Assembly. The event will bring together members of Community Sponsorship Groups from across the country to share experiences, learn from each other, hear about developments in the scheme, and shape the sponsorship movement in the UK. The Assembly will be hosted by Reset and the Institute for Research into Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham, and will be held at 3pm on the 4th of July, on the... continue reading (6 min)