I’m the Resettlement Coordinator at Devon County Council, which means that I oversee Local Authority resettlement across Devon and act as the contact for Community Sponsorship Groups. When the Community Sponsorship programme was launched in 2016, it enabled people in the UK to sponsor refugees for the first time. Several communities in Devon mobilised really quickly. Back then we were in uncharted territory – the scheme was brand new. But at Devon County Council we quickly recognised that the... continue reading (4 min)


It’s September, and although the days are rapidly getting shorter and colder, Community Sponsorship Groups are not losing their momentum. More than 250 Groups all over the UK are preparing to welcome or already supporting a refugee family. As we keep hearing more and more stories of people trying cross the Channel in search of safety, the spirit of welcome embodied by the Community Sponsorship movement is as relevant as ever. If you want to get involved in your local Community... continue reading (2 min)


Catherine Griffiths founder of Croeso Menai, the first Community Sponsorship Group in North Wales. In March 2020, a Syrian refugee family was supposed to arrive in Anglesey. We’d sponsored them to come here. We’d found them a home, stocked the fridge with fresh food, made the beds. One day before they were due to travel, their flight was cancelled due to the pandemic. The family’s chance to rebuild their lives had been put on hold and their limbo continued. I understand why flights were... continue reading (5 min)


Carly Whyborn, Head of Operations at Reset Without a doubt, the best part of our work at Reset is connecting with Groups and the families they support. We talk to Groups at all stages of the Community Sponsorship process, from exploring who their Lead Sponsor will be, right through to helping newly arrived families navigate the benefits system. The advice and support we provide is based on the best practice, challenges and creative solutions to problems Groups have shared with us, as well as... continue reading (3 min)


There are lots of benefits to getting a dog: unconditional adoration, motivation to exercise, even lower blood pressure according to some. I’m a sociable person so one of the things I love about having a dog is chatting to other dog owners when I’m out and about. Somehow it’s deemed more socially acceptable to strike up a conversation with a stranger when you both have a dog. Some of those conversations will be pleasant but forgettable. Some of them could change a life. I had one of those... continue reading (4 min)