Community Sponsorship is growing in the UK, with new groups joining the movement every day.  It's not always possible to share the exact location of Groups and what stage of Community Sponsorship they are at - some Groups do not wish to have a public profile and once a Group have welcomed a family, the privacy and dignity of the family they support has to be at the heart of what the Group is doing.  If you are in a Community Sponsorship Group and would like to be connected with other... continue reading (2 min)


From Jo, landlord & Community Sponsorship volunteer When my property in London became available, I knew that I wanted to find a way to let it to a refugee family. And I can say now that this was the best decision I could have made. It’s been such a simple way to make a transformational difference to the life of a refugee family. Letting your property to refugees really is a win-win – you get your regular rental payments and a refugee family gets a home. On top of this, the community... continue reading (5 min)


Community Sponsorship Groups are required to source accommodation that a refugee family can live in for 2 years. In many parts of the country, finding accommodation that the refugee family will be able to afford when receiving Universal Credit is a real challenge. At Reset, we’ve been looking at how Groups source accommodation and what lessons other Groups can learn from them. Community Sponsorship enables you to welcome refugees into your community. At Reset, we want to see... continue reading (7 min)


We want to thank everyone who has volunteered with Community Sponsorship over the last year. Your dedication has provided all of us at Reset with a constant source of inspiration throughout 2019, and we know that you will continue to inspire us throughout 2020. The new year is always an important time to reflect and set goals so we wanted to take this opportunity to update you on Community Sponsorship’s successes in 2019, and to highlight some important opportunities coming up in 2020... continue reading (5 min)


Russell Rook, having taken on a new role as interim director of a new international charity working in the Holy Land, has recently stepped down as Chair of the Board of Trustees at Reset. He has Chaired Reset since we were established in 2018 and we thank him for his dedication and expertise. We’re delighted to announce that Chris Clements, founding Director of Reset, will be taking over the role of Chair. Chris is the Director of Social Finance, a not-for-profit organisation that partners... continue reading (4 min)