Welcoming a new neighbour - Community Sponsorship Refugee Week activity for children

22 May 2020

Refugee Week is taking place from 15th-21st June 2020 and the theme is ‘imagine’. We're working with Sponsor Refugees and CHARIS to ask you to Recruit a Sponsor, Welcome a Stranger.

We've got 3 activities prepared to support you to raise awareness of Community Sponsorship so that more people become sponsors and go on to welcome refugees.

This blog post explains how to get involved in our children's activity, 'How do you welcome a new neighbour?' Find out about the other activities here.

Activity for children: How do you welcome a new neighbour?

This year, many children are spending much more time at home and parents are having to come up with creative ways to exercise their children’s imaginations. So we thought we’d make an activity for the children of your Community Sponsorship group volunteers and the sponsored refugee children you support. 

Activity: Imagine someone is moving to your neighbourhood and they don't speak the same language as you. What would you do to make them feel welcome? Take a photo or a video of your creation and send it to enquiries@resetuk.org. We'll display the photos and videos on our website and on social media.

The aim of this activity is not only to entertain and encourage empathy in children, but also to raise awareness of Community Sponsorship. Children often find ways of communicating that adults haven't considered. We hope that the creative ways that children find to express the act of welcoming a new neighbour will catch the eye of people online and encourage them to get involved in Community Sponsorship. 

IMPORTANT: By sending us your photos, you give us permission to use these photos in our marketing. Your children do NOT need to feature in the photos of their work. Please only include children in the images if the children and parents are happy with the photo being shared online. 

An Arabic translation of this activity is available below for you to share with the sponsored refugee families that you're supporting. The activity is not a competition and is open to children of all ages.

شاركوا في أسبوع اللاجئين

موضوع أسبوع اللاجئين هذا العام هو "الخيال"  . بما أن خيال الأطفال قوي جداً فقد قررنا أن نعد نشا‍‍طا لأطفالكم.

النشا‍ط: تخيل أن شخصا ينتقل إلى منطقتك ولا يتكلم لغتك. ماذا تفعل لتجعله يشعر بالترحيب؟ أظهر لنا ما ستفعله بطريقة ابداعية فممكن تكتب قصة أو ترسم رسما أو تغني أغنية مثلا

ثم أرسلوا لنا (enquiries@resetuk.org) صورة أو فيديو لنشاط أ‍طفالكم وسنوضعها في موقعنا الإلكتروني وسنشاركها في وسائل التواصل الإجتماعي.

النشاط ليس منافسة وهو مفتوح لأ‌‍طفال من جميع الأعمار.

المهم: عندما ترسلوا لنا صوركم أو فيديوهاتكم فتأذنون لنا بوضعها في الويب. ليس من اللازم أن يكون أ‍طفالكم موجودين في الصور أو الفيديوهات التي ترسلوها لنا



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