The way Reset works is changing

21 February 2020

Hear from our co-Directors, Dr Kate Brown and Dr Monika Kruesmann, about how Reset is changing from April 2020. 

As we look forward to our new financial year beginning in April 2020 and the third year of Reset being in operation, we wanted to share how the way we work will be changing:

Revised and reduced budget

We had some high hopes for the number of applications that would be submitted to the Home Office by Community Sponsorship Groups – supported by our partner organisations and ourselves – between 2018 and 2020. But the number of applications submitted to date (86 in this period at the time of writing) has fallen well short of the anticipated targets. As a result, our annual grant will decrease from £500,000 to £375,000. We will have no target for the number of applications submitted in our 2020/21 grant agreement with the Home Office, which reflects a move to focus on the quality of applications and of the support offered to refugee families rather than the number of applications.

Focus on supporting Community Sponsorship Groups

The Reset team have delivered the required training all Community Sponsorship Groups must attend as part of the Home Office’s consent process since February 2019. We’ve also developed our application workshops, our checking service and post arrival support as well as our Training website.  The feedback we receive from Groups on the support we offer is really positive, so we’ll be doing a lot more of this training and support work in the next year. We’ll also be announcing some exciting changes to the required training for Groups, based on the feedback you’ve given us. Make sure you’ve subscribed to our newsletter for further news on this. 

Supporting Stakeholders

Over the past couple of years, we’ve shared advice, best practice and support to stakeholders involved in the Community Sponsorship journey.  Our advice and support to Local Authorities and Strategic Migration Partnerships will continue, as will our support for Lead Sponsors (the charities, CICs and organisations who oversee Community Sponsorship Agreements).  We’ll also be launching our Lead Sponsor Network – an opportunity for Lead Sponsors to talk about their experiences, overcome challenges and share best practice.

Connecting Groups

We’ll continue to run networking events in the UK to give Groups opportunities to come together. We’ll also continue to assist the Community Sponsorship Council and host the Community Sponsorship Assembly (this will be on 30 June 2020 in Manchester – do hold the date in your diaries!).

What we won’t be doing

Due to the cut in our funding, we’ll be unable to fund awareness raising activities, but we will be able to provide resources, films and information for others to use. To access these resources, just contact us and we’ll share what we can.

We’ll also no longer be acting as a grant funder to our partner organisations. These incredible organisations have been at the heart of Community Sponsorship for a long time and we’re looking forward to continuing our close working relationships with them, both through the Lead Sponsor network and in support of their efforts to continue to grow Community Sponsorship in the UK.

We know that Community Sponsorship is not about a single organisation, individual or way of working. It’s about everyone in our communities coming together to share their creativity, experience and skills to welcome a refugee family to their neighbourhood. Community Sponsorship shows us exactly what ordinary people can achieve when they work together to help others.

With lots of changes coming, including the moment when all refugees resettled through Community Sponsorship will be in addition to, not part of, Government targets and the launch of UKRS, we’re really excited about what the next year holds for Community Sponsorship!

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