Reset’s New Workshops Will Help Groups Speed Through the Application Process

27 June 2019

Reset is launching a series of workshops to help Community Sponsorship Groups build momentum and speed through the Home Office application process. Our workshops will offer tailored advice to break down barriers as well as offer strategies for writing high quality applications, because the work a Group puts into researching services in their area and deciding their approach to supporting a family will have lasting effects on the refugees who they welcome and on their community as a whole.

We have found that many Groups are unaware that it can take in excess of six months from the moment they submit an application to the Home Office to welcoming a refugee family in their area. Although we recognise that the application process for Community Sponsorship is rightly rigorous, the work Groups are doing is more than just a paper exercise. Reset will work with Groups to navigate the application submission process and reduce the time it takes to complete the application so that Groups can focus their efforts on getting ready to welcome a refugee family.  

To deliver the workshops, we have divided the application process into what we see as its four main stages: building momentum, forming relationships and gaining consent, developing a resettlement plan, and writing and submitting an application. Each workshop is designed around these stages to offer tailored advice to push Groups forward and will include the following themes:

Building momentum

  • Harnessing your Group’s existing skills sets.
  • Budgeting in the abstract.
  • Creating an achievable timeline for your Group.

Forming Relationships and Gaining Consent

  • Understanding and accessing your local authority.
  • Forming a collaborative relationship with your local authority.
  • Knowing whose consent is needed for Community Sponsorship and how to get it.

Developing your Resettlement Plan

  • Discussing your Group’s approach to empowerment.
  • Setting boundaries within your group and with refugees.
  • Identifying gaps in key research areas: ESOL, school and GP registration, interpreters and employment.

Writing and Submitting your Application

  • Decoding the Home Office application form.
  • Translating your Group’s resettlement plan to the application form.
  • Writing a high-quality application.

If your Community Sponsorship Group is interested in our workshop series, please contact us at or visit our book a training page to discuss how we can help. A Reset staff member will travel to your area to deliver a workshop to your Group whenever is convenient for you including weekdays or weekends. And remember, we are always on hand to help with your progress!

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