Our Community Sponsorship training and support website is online

17 December 2018

Across the UK, people have been coming together to welcome refugees through Community Sponsorship.  Up to the end of September, 159 refugees have been resettled in this way by 29 groups.  Utilising the skills, resources and networks of individuals within their communities, groups are building resettlement plans, working with their local authorities and supporting families as they arrive.  Over 100 groups are currently in the process of applying to become a sponsor in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and all regions in England. 

Reset is the national capacity building organisation aiming to grow and support Community Sponsorship. We have now launched our training website to provide advice and support to those applying.

We know from current sponsorship groups that they appreciate information and support at all stages of the application process, from forming a group and working out what they can offer to refugees, to finding accommodation and managing volunteers. This website will provide all of that information in a clear, accessible way and make it easier than ever to become a community sponsor.

Groups will also be able to learn about the resettlement process including working with interpreters, dealing with challenges and considering avenues into employment. Interactive features available to those who register on the site mean groups will be able to book onto training sessions, webinars and request the training that is required as part of the application approval process. 

We hope that the training website will help groups to move through the application process smoothly and provide excellent support to refugees as Community Sponsorship continues to grow in towns, villages and cities across the UK.

Please visit the training website and let us know what you think by tweeting using the hashtag #CommunitySponsorshipTraining




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