Looking to maximise your impact as a Community Sponsorship group? Here are some New Year's Resolutions to help you

21 December 2020

A lot of Community Sponsorship groups ask us how they can maximise their impact. Here are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions for groups looking to do just that (whether you’ve welcomed a family yet or not!).

1. Engage your wider community

Start talking to more people in your local area about why you’re sponsoring refugees. For example, could your Community Sponsorship group speak at an assembly at your local school? Is there an annual celebration in your village/town/city where you could run an information stall?

Often it seems like there is a lot of attention given to people explaining why they don’t want refugees to come to the UK. It’s important for people to hear the arguments for welcoming refugees!

While Coronavirus restrictions remain in place, you could stick Communities for Refugees posters up around your neighbourhood until you can safely talk to people in person.

2. Commit to talking to family and friends about Community Sponsorship

Yes, you’ve probably mentioned to your family and friends that you’re part of a Community Sponsorship group, but do they really understand what that means? Would they have enough knowledge to tell their friends about what you’re doing? Do they know why it’s so important to you?

Community Sponsorship grows through conversation, so make sure you talk to people about what you’re doing!

You can use our Communities for Refugees resources to write to friends and family if you’d like!

3. Speak to the media

Speaking to the media can be a great way to raise the profile of your Community Sponsorship group. This can help raise awareness of Community Sponsorship so that more people get involved.

Check out our resources on talking to the media.

4. Prepare another Community Sponsorship application

Finally, more and more Community Sponsorship groups are submitting second, third and even fourth applications to welcome more refugee families. Could you welcome another refugee family? Our team is always more than happy to chat to anyone considering submitting another application. Contact us today.

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