How we're supporting Community Sponsorship Groups after the arrival of a refugee family

29 May 2020

After your Community Sponsorship Group welcomes a family to your neighbourhood, you can receive visits from the Home Office to see how your Group and the family you're supporting are settling in. This is part of the formal Sponsor Agreement that you make with the Home Office. 

As of May 2020, the Reset team are taking over the running of these Post-Arrival Support Visits. By doing these visits ourselves, we’re hoping that we can better support Groups with the challenges they face. 

We also want to help Groups and sponsored families to reflect on their ongoing integration journeys. When you're supporting a newly-arrived family, it can be difficult to find time to look back on how things are progressing and make plans for the future. How settled does the family feel? What's working for them and what isn't? We aim to help Community Sponsorship Groups to take this longer term perspective with the families they support. 

At the moment, all of our Post-Arrival Support Visits will be online. The 3 visits will usually happen 6-8 weeks after the family arrive, then 6 months post-arrival, and finally 8-10 months post-arrival. We’ll be providing interpreters for the part of the visit with the family you support and we'll also invite your Local Authority representatives to attend. You will receive a written record from the meeting.  

At these meetings, we'll offer our advice and guidance. But you don't have to wait for your Post-Arrival Support Visit to access our advice – we’re always here to help Community Sponsorship Groups, no matter where you are in the process. We’re so fortunate at Reset that we get to connect with every Community Sponsorship Group that is approved by the Home Office. This means that we’ve built up a bank of knowledge and best practice and we use this knowledge to provide the advice and guidance you need,when you need it.   

To read about Post Arrival Support Visits in more detail, including how the visits will be structured and what content will be covered, visit: 

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