Growing Community-Led Welcome in the UK

4 June 2021

Through our work on Community Sponsorship, we've seen first hand the desire amongst friends, neighbours, colleagues and communities in the UK to welcome those who are forced to flee their homes to find safety. 

We're now taking the first step to launch Neighbours for Newcomers, our pilot project with Talent Beyond Boundaries, in which 25 individuals will be welcomed to the UK through displaced talent employment pathways. 

To do this, we're looking for an exceptional person to join the Reset team, in a paid capacity, to help us design and establish the pilot ahead of arrivals currently planned for early Autumn 2021.  

Full details of our consultancy brief and how to apply are on our LinkedIn profile or download the brief on this page. 


Growing Community-Led Welcome in the UK is also published in Reset UK on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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