Emerging themes from our networking events

13 November 2019

Nearly 2 months into our Community Sponsorship networking series, we wanted to share the key themes that have emerged from networking events in London, Edinburgh, Manchester, Birmingham and Bedford.

We’ve been running our Community Sponsorship networking events for a little under 2 months, with more to come, and in this time we’ve been hearing from Community Sponsorship Groups about their experience on the journey. Whilst we know that neighbourhoods and communities across the UK are so different, many of the challenges and successes you’re all learning from are similar. We’ll be saying more about what we can do to help once we’ve completed the series of events, but we wanted to share with you what’s been talked about so far.

  • A clear journey to independence — Groups would like pathways that demonstrate how the families you support will be able to start their lives here, including finding employment, learning English and accessing ongoing affordable housing
  • More diversity in Community Sponsorship Groups — members of Groups were asking how we might be able to bring more people into the Community Sponsorship family in the UK
  • Length of time it takes to work through the Community Sponsorship process — Groups were sharing with us how hard it is to keep momentum going through the application, approval and then, finally, the family arriving
  • For Groups who have welcomed families, boundaries are absolutely essential, not only to empower the family you support, but also to avoid burn-out for volunteers in the Group
  • We heard that for those Groups who have accessed Reset resources, training and post arrival advice service, this has been really useful, but many are confused about who we are
  • Different Groups shared that we should continue to produce and publish new resources, other Groups said there was too much information and this was off-putting. We’ll need to do some thinking on this one!
  • Groups appreciated the opportunity to share experiences in a safe, honest and non-judgmental way
  • Some Groups are considering the way in which they use social and traditional media, thinking through how they promote their work and the arrival of refugees into their communities
  • Groups are keen to have stories from Community Sponsorship that they can tell in their community so that they do not share the private information of the family members they are supporting
  • 100% of the respondents to our surveys have said that we should run networking events regularly

So far, networking events have taken place in the North West, Scotland, South West, London, West Midlands, and the East of England. We’ll be in Yorkshire on 25 November and the South East on 30 November with further dates to follow.

You don’t need to wait for a networking event to talk to Reset, we’re always here to talk whatever stage of the Community Sponsorship journey you are at.


Emerging themes from our networking events is also published in Reset UK on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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