Covid-19: Statement from the Co-Directors of Reset

19 March 2020

This is a really difficult time for Community Sponsorship. Many of you have been preparing for months to welcome a refugee family and now your plans are up in the air. Like you, we’re motivated to do what we do everyday because we want to see more refugees able to reach safety in the UK. Knowing that this won’t be possible at the moment is very upsetting. Our thoughts are with the refugees who were scheduled to arrive in the UK and who received news that their resettlement would be delayed.

We want to stress that we are here to support you over the coming weeks and months. Whether you’re unsure of how to keep momentum going amongst your volunteers while avoiding social contact, or whether you need advice for the refugees you support about accessing services at this tricky time, do reach out. Reset’s office is closed but all of our staff members are working remotely. If you have any questions or concerns, please call 020 3582 9882 and leave a message or email

Finally, we want to say thank you for being understanding, patient and sensible at this strange time. We’ve had lots of enquiries coming to us over the past week and our lives are made so much easier by your understanding.

We will, of course, continue to relay information about the impact of coronavirus on Community Sponsorship as and when we can.

Dr Kate Brown & Dr Monika Kruesmann




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