Community Sponsorship in the UK - October 2020

16 October 2020

The Community Sponsorship movement continues to be a source of good news in times when those can be hard to come by. Despite the difficult circumstances we are all facing, new individuals and Groups continue to join the movement each month. 

If you want to get involved in your local Community Sponsorship, get in touch and we'll connect you.  And if you're already in a Community Sponsorship Group and would like to be connected with other Groups in your area, let us know and we'll happily introduce you.  

Here's a map showing the locations of all Community Sponsorship Groups as of mid-October 2020. This includes Groups who are just getting started right through to Groups who have already welcomed refugee families. 

So which region is leading our Community Sponsorship table? Which region has set up the most Community Sponsorship Groups relative to its population?

Currently the Top 3 are: 

1. London

2. South West

3. Wales

Things remain unchanged at the top, South West is still just one Group away from taking back the lead. Wales sees a new Group form thus pulling just slightly away from the North West in the fourth spot. Honourable mention goes to the South East where as many as 4 Groups formed over the last month!  Check back in November to see how this develops!

Community Sponsorship in the UK - October 2020 is also published in Reset UK on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.

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