Community Sponsorship in the UK - December 2020

21 December 2020

For people who celebrate Christmas, December is always a month of anticipation and preparation. This December, more than 10 Community Sponsorship Groups across the country are also getting ready to finally welcome refugee families into their communities. Over January and February we're hoping to see the first arrivals to the UK since the resettlement flights were stopped back in March!

If you want to get involved in your local Community Sponsorship Group, get in touch and we'll connect you.  And if you're already in a Community Sponsorship Group and would like to be connected with other Groups in your area, let us know and we'll happily introduce you.  

Here's a map showing the locations of all Community Sponsorship Groups as of mid-December 2020. This includes Groups who are just getting started right through to Groups who have already welcomed refugee families. 


So which region is leading our Community Sponsorship table? Which region has set up the most Community Sponsorship Groups relative to its population?

Currently the Top 3 are: 

1. South West

2. London

3. Wales

With new Groups forming over the past month, the South West continues to build their lead over London. The capital may also want to check its rear view mirror as Wales got even closer to 2nd place over the past month. Watch out for our January update to see how things develop!

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