Community Sponsorship IS transformational for all involved!

31 March 2021

We’ve long heard that Community Sponsorship is transformational for community members as well as refugees.

At Reset, we’re always keen to understand the way in which volunteers experience Community Sponsorship. Over the past 18 months we’ve been particularly asking Community Sponsorship Group members questions about the skills and knowledge they learn, and other ways in which they gain. Our initial report of the findings of these surveys is available here.

We gained some unexpected insights too, into the profile of volunteers (for example their age and gender) and the time they commit to sponsorship. The pandemic has slowed the rate at which we have been able to collect data, as the survey is administered at the end of a sponsor agreement, 12 months after the arrival of a family, and our sample size this year is small…we’ll keep collecting this data now training and family arrivals are happening at pace, and report back again next year.


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