Community Sponsorship Application Checking Service Launched

3 June 2019

We know how much work it takes to complete your Community Sponsorship application.  Your group will have been researching, discussing and planning how you can support a refugee family, as well as working with your Local Authoritypreparing budgets, and writing safeguarding policies. We know that all of this is particularly challenging because, at this stage, you don’t know anything about the family you will be supporting, meaning that you are constantly working in the abstract.  

By the time you have all of the information together, it can feel like you’re simply going through a paper exercise with endless form filling. A lot of Groups worry that they might have missed out some details, or filled out the form incorrectly. 

Here at Reset, we know the application process inside out, and we can now offer an application checking service. Groups are able to ask Reset to take a look at their form prior to submitting their applications to the Home Office. We can offer that crucial impartial pair of eyes and help you make any adjustments so that you feel confident that you are ready to submit the application.  

We will check all applications and come back to you with comments within 5 working days.   

To submit your application to our checking service, please visit this page.

When you’re working through a Lead Sponsor who are providing you with their charity number and guidance, it is essential for you to confirm with them that they are comfortable with you receiving our advice, as they may have certain processes or conditions that they would like you to fulfil of which we are not aware.  

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