This Black Friday, here are 5 ways you can make a difference through your Christmas shopping

27 November 2020

We know that as Community Sponsorship groups, you’re always looking out for ways to make a difference for and with refugees and those seeking asylum, whether in your local community or further afield.

This Black Friday take a look at these ways you can support migrant communities through your Christmas shopping.

1. Anqa collective

Anqa is an online marketplace for refugee entrepreneurs and they have many wonderful gifts for sale this year!

2. Safe Passage Christmas stocking

Safe Passage have come up with a Christmas stocking with a difference! The idea is that you ask friends and family to make donations in lieu of gifts this year. All donations will go to supporting Safe Passage’s vital work to support refugee children to access family reunification.

3. Choose Love shop

At the Choose Love shop you’ll browse products and click to add them to your basket just like at any other shop. But here’s the difference: the products aren’t for you. You’ll be choosing and buying crucial items to support refugees who are facing Christmas in the most difficult of conditions.

4. Citizens of the World Choir fundraiser… with rewards!

The Citizens of the World Choir is a fantastic community of refugees, people seeking asylum and allies who make beautiful music together. The pandemic has hit them hard as their funds have tended to come from live performances. They’ve launched an online fundraiser where you’ll receive lovely rewards in return for your donations. We think these rewards would make for beautiful gifts… We have our eye on the mug and the tea towels!

5. Community Sponsorship Christmas card inserts

And finally, if you’re sending out Christmas cards this year, why not include one of our Community Sponsorship inserts? It’s a really simple way to raise awareness of Community Sponsorship amongst your family and friends and to encourage them to welcome refugees into their neighbourhoods! (And they're completely free!)

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