On 24th March 2021, the UK Government published its New Plan for Immigration, outlining its proposals for reforming the asylum system in the UK. The consultation period for these proposals closes on the 6th May 2021. Our primary purpose as a charity is to grow the size and impact of the Community Sponsorship programme; we want to see as many communities as possible welcoming as many refugees as possible. Our work is founded on the belief that all of us benefit from welcoming newcomers, and... continue reading (23 min)


During 2020/21 we  commissioned Kings College London, with the generous help and participation of Lead Sponsors, Community Sponsorship Groups and resettled families from across the UK Community Sponsorship network to produce a piece of research. The report examined ways relationships develop between Community Sponsorship Groups and resettled families, with a view ultimately to enhancing the Sponsorship experience for everyone, and to support integration of families in particular.  We’... continue reading (1 min)


Reset is recruiting 2 new trustees. In this blog, Reset’s Chair of trustees, Chris Clements, explains what Reset is looking for in a trustee and why now is an exciting time to join the Board. Reset may be a small charity but it has a big vision: to scale the Community Sponsorship programme and develop other models of community-led welcome for newcomers to the UK. I find this mission fascinating, working from the ‘bottom up’ to support a genuine grassroots movement whilst also shaping the ‘... continue reading (5 min)


We’ve long heard that Community Sponsorship is transformational for community members as well as refugees. At Reset, we’re always keen to understand the way in which volunteers experience Community Sponsorship. Over the past 18 months we’ve been particularly asking Community Sponsorship Group members questions about the skills and knowledge they learn, and other ways in which they gain. Our initial report of the findings of these surveys is available here. We gained some unexpected... continue reading (1 min)


At Reset, we support Community Sponsorship groups to welcome refugee families by providing training sessions, advice workshops, post-arrival support visits, and more. Although we’re the ones delivering the training and providing the advice, we’re actually learning from Community Sponsorship Groups in all of these situations. We’re learning what works and what doesn’t work. We’re learning why something that is practical in one location is impractical in another. And then we feed all of this... continue reading (3 min)