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New Community Sponsorship groups are constantly forming across all regions and nations of the UK. Our map will give you an idea of what’s taking place in your area.

Find out what's happening locally for a nearby group, or visit our training website for guidance on how to set up your own Community Sponsorship group. 

Community sponsorship is a different programme to the Homes for Ukraine Scheme. You don't need to form a group to welcome under the Homes for Ukraine scheme. 

Community Sponsorship groups across the UK

Last updated: 6 May 2022

Map of the UK 15 65 46 16 53 23 14 7 5 45 20 14
Region / Nation Number of groups
East of England 15
East Midlands 14
London 65
North East England 7
North West England 46
Northern Ireland 5
Scotland 16
South East England 45
South West England 53
Wales 20
West Midlands 23
Yorkshire and the Humber 14