Our Team

Kate Brown and Monika Kruesmann
Kate and Monika work in partnership to develop and realise Reset’s strategy to realise the potential of Community Sponsorship.
Kate Brown
(on the left)
I am an experienced voluntary sector leader, researcher and educator. Most recently, I led local charity Learn English at Home (LEAH), training local volunteers to teach English to refugee and migrant adults with very low language levels. My first career was as a secondary school Citizenship teacher and I have a PhD in learning theory.
I believe strongly in the power of individuals and communities to bring about change. At LEAH I saw how effective local community members could be in supporting new arrivals to integrate through language, and as a teacher of Citizenship I know how much young people are motivated to make a difference. I am proud to be part of the growth of Community Sponsorship: a unique way to change a family’s life and your community.
Monika Kruesmann
(on the right)
I come to Reset from a background in charities (I was previously Head of Programmes at a global education charity) and government; I spent almost ten years with the Federal Government in Australia. I've also spent time in academia, when I gained a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics. A common thread through all my experiences is an interest in international issues, and in helping people gain the skills and confidence to be their best; a narrative that fits well with Reset's work.
I have always been aware of the complex, sensitive, and deeply rewarding experience that refugee integration involves. My parents were refugees, and I understand first hand how community support and engagement can make all the difference to refugee families, and their communities, across generations. The opportunity to lead Reset and champion a cause I feel so strongly about is a gift and a challenge I'm thrilled to accept.
Carly Whyborn
Operations and Partnership Manager
I have a very varied role at Reset, looking after all areas of the operational side of the charity and managing our relationships with new and existing partners. I have over 15 years’ experience working in senior positions in the charity sector, including roles in genocide memorial, human rights and animal welfare.
I am so inspired by the individuals coming together through sponsorship to welcome a refugee family into their community. Sharing a purpose to do something good for others, I am constantly amazed at the great lengths that those in the UK will go to help resettled families to create a new home. I want to make sure that Reset and our partners can offer all the advice, support and encouragement that groups need to support and empower families resettled through Community Sponsorship.
Ayham Alsuleman
Programme Coordinator
My role is to work closely with Reset's partners to ensure that Community Sponsorship Groups have enough support to resettle refugees. I also work on the digital media engagement of Reset and help promoting Community Sponsorship. I have an MA in Development and Emergency Practice. My dissertation investigated the loss of home for the Syrian Refugees in the UK. I am originally from Syria and I consider myself a global citizen. I worked for several national and international organisations both in the UK and in Syria. I enjoy cycling, travelling, and cooking some Middle Eastern dishes.
While I understand that politics can play a challenging role in the way we respond to events around us, I have always believed in the power of communities. Community Sponsorship is one of the most exciting things I have worked in. I have the opportunity to travel across the UK and meet new people all the time. I am always quite fascinated by the energy and the compassion people have towards refugees. I am glad that I am playing a role in transforming communities and helping vulnerable people to restore their hopes in life.
Meredith Kelly
Training, Support and Advice Coordinator
My role is to develop training resources and to provide capacity building to Community Sponsorship Groups. I am here to support groups throughout each stage of the process in order to successfully welcome a refugee family in their communities. I have a master’s degree in Violence, Conflict and Development and have over five years of international field experience in refugee resettlement. Most recently, I worked at UNHCR Jordan where my role was to review resettlement referrals for the UK and other European countries and to deliver standardised training to national and international caseworkers.
I strongly believe in resettlement as a durable solution for those in protracted refugee situations as it is not only a way to offer a new beginning to those affected by conflict but it is also a tool for responsibility sharing within the international community. I am inspired by groups who have decided to take on a share of the international community’s responsibility by welcoming and supporting refugee families in their own communities, demonstrating the power that individuals can wield to make a difference in global issues.
Emmeline Skinner Cassidy
Programme Support Officer
I come from Durham and first began working with refugees and asylum seekers in the North East as a teenager. I went on to study Arabic at university and spent a year in Amman where, alongside my studies, I volunteered with Oxfam’s Syrian refugee support programme. This year I completed a Master’s degree in Migration Studies before starting work with Reset. I now live in London but as a keen runner and hiker I’m always looking for ways to escape the city!
I believe passionately in Britain’s duty to welcome refugees and asylum seekers from around the world. Community Sponsorship is an exciting innovation which has the potential to improve the experiences of refugees when they arrive in the UK and to engage more British people positively in the processes of providing refuge and asylum.