The Community Sponsorship Council

The Community Sponsorship Council represents the views and ideas of Community Sponsorship Groups to Reset and the Home Office.

Who is on the Council?

The Council is made up of:

  • Three members of Community Sponsorship Groups that are elected at the Annual Community Sponsorship Assembly
  • Representatives from the organisations who have acted as Lead Sponsor for two or more Community Sponsorship applications

Members of the Council for the year October 2019-2020

Nick Coke, Salvation Army

Simon Cook, King's Arms Project

Lisa Westlake, CHARIS

Ffion Evans, Migrants Organise

Hannah Feldman, Sponsor Refugees

Azim Kidwai, Mercy Mission

Domenica Pecoraro, Canterbury Welcomes Refugees

Mark Wiggin, Caritas Social Action Network

If you are a member of a Community Sponsorship Group and you would like the opportunity to sit on the Council, you will need to nominate yourself ahead of the next Assembly. To be notified when nominations open, make sure you sign up for Reset's newsletter

What does the Council do?

The Council meets at least three times a year. At the meetings the Council gives feedback to Reset and the Home Office on the Community Sponsorship scheme and generates ideas for the development of Community Sponsorship. 

The Council also plans the Annual Community Sponsorship Assembly. To make sure that you hear about the Community Sponsorship Assembly 2020, sign up for Reset's newsletter.

I have a Community Sponsorship issue that I want to raise. How can I contact the Council?

You should raise issues with the Council that are about overall functioning of the Community Sponsorship scheme. If your concern relates to your application, or the family you are supporting, you should raise this with your Lead Sponsor or Reset.

To contact the Council, you can:

  • Contact Reset 
  • Contact your Lead Sponsor if they sit on the Council (see list of members above)

How can I find out what was discussed at the Council?

Find summaries of the meetings below:

Meeting 09.10.2019 

Meeting 11.12.2019

Meeting 25.03.2020

If you want to respond to any of the issues discussed in the minutes, contact Reset.