Community Sponsorship Stakeholder Group

**The Community Sponsorship Stakeholder Group was retired in February 2020. A new body, the Community Sponsorship Council, was set up to represent the views of Community Sponsorship Groups and feed back to the Home Office.**


At Reset, we want to ensure that the Community Sponsorship programme works as effectively as possible for everyone involved. This includes first and foremost the resettled refugees and the communities that welcome them, but it also includes organisations like local government bodies, housing providers and charities. Reset and the Home Office bring together all of these diverse stakeholders four times a year to hear their views about different aspects of the Community Sponsorship programme and discuss how the scheme could develop.

Two Community Sponsorship Groups are invited to attend each meeting. We aim to ensure that a variety of regions are represented.

You can download a summary of the minutes from our previous Stakeholder Group Meeting below. If you have any questions or thoughts on any of the issues raised in this summary, please get in touch with Reset. 

The Stakeholder Group is just one of the ways that Community Sponsorship Groups can feedback to the Home Office. If you and your Group have ideas or comments that you'd like to feedback, please contact Reset and we will agree a time to talk to you and get your views.