About Reset Communities and Refugees

Reset is the UK's Community Sponsorship training, support and advice provider. We prepare ordinary people across the UK to resettle refugees in their local areas by providing high quality training, workshops and resources.

Deciding to welcome refugees into your local area is a big commitment. We understand that this journey is both exciting and daunting, and that's why we provide advice, guidance and training every step of the way, right from planning your Community Sponsorship application to supporting a refugee family after they've arrived in the UK. 

Through Community Sponsorship, ordinary people are welcoming refugees in every nation of the UK. We're based in London but our work takes us all over the country.

As well as working with Community Sponsorship volunteers, we also provide services to Local Authorities and Lead Sponsors who work alongside volunteers to make Community Sponsorship happen.

We receive funding from the Home Office and philanthropic organisations.