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Community Sponsorship is not about the work of one organisation; it’s about the extraordinary people in communities moved to help refugees. There are a large number of organisations who have been instrumental in the success of Community Sponsorship and advise, guide and support Groups across the UK and their experience is absolutely invaluable. Here at Reset, we know how important this is and as such, we work with a growing number of partners on a grant agreement basis, with Reset providing direct funding to support their work. We know this can get confusing as there are a lot of organisations involved. 

The organisations that we have partnered with are diverse: small and large, local and national. They work with different sectors of society and in different ways. But they all share hands-on experience of, and a passion for, Community Sponsorship. By working with a diverse range of partners in lots of different ways, Reset ensures that you and your Community Sponsorship Group will always be able to access the highest quality support in a way that suits you. If you’re looking for support, please get in touch and we’ll connect you with the right people! You don't have to work with all, or any of our Partners; but plenty of support is always available.  

We’re proud to work closely with academics from the Institute for Research into Superdiversity at the University of Birmingham on the evaluation of Community Sponsorship, helping all those involved understand the impact of sponsorship on refugees, Group members and communities. 

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If your organisation feels like there is a way in which you can support the Community Sponsorship movement to grow, please get in touch with our Operations and Partnership Manager.

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