Reset is the UK’s Community Sponsorship Learning Hub.

Community Sponsorship is a new way of welcoming refugees in the UK that prioritises the creation of meaningful relationships between refugees and host communities and values the expertise of local residents.

We were set up in 2018 to coordinate the growth of the Community Sponsorship movement across the UK in order that it could realise its full, transformative potential. 

Our mission is to enable as many communities as possible to welcome refugee families.

Our work has 4 key strands:

  • Training and support for sponsors and sponsored refugees
  • Advice for Local Authorities, Lead Sponsors and other stakeholders
  • Research, monitoring and evaluation aimed at understanding how Community Sponsorship works best
  • Policy development and advocacy to ensure the evolution of the scheme in a way that works for sponsored refugees and host communities

We receive funding from the Home Office and philanthoropic organisations.

Our Team

Kate Brown and Monika Kruesmann
Carly Whyborn
Head of Operations
Meredith Kelly
Training, Support and Advice Coordinator
Tomasz Muszynski
Training, Support and Advice Coordinator
Emmeline Skinner Cassidy
Communications, Operations and Support Officer

Our Board

Chris Clements
Paul Butler
Mais Haddadin
Helen Griffiths
Richard Bell
Catherine Weston
Hilary Adams